English & Japanese Language Specialist

ILC International is a language-service provider based in New York and California. With a thorough knowledge of both Japanese and English, as well as an extensive understanding of Japanese and American business practices, ILC International provides reliable translation, interpretation, writing, editing, research and coordination services to companies based in Japan, the United States and beyond.

ILC International was founded in 2002 by Chigusa Suzuki, an award-winning translator and published author. With a network of collaborating translators and writers, we offer a wide variety of services:

  • Writing & Editing

  • Translation

  • Interpretation

  • Research & Coordination


“Ms. Suzuki has consistently met every deadline on extremely challenging assignments, has cheerfully taken on work at very short notice, and has always been willing to go the extra mile for a client. Her command of various specialized topics, as well as of the English and Japanese languages generally, is superior.”

– Business Manager of a U.S. consulting firm

“We depend on Chigusa for an unusually wide range of editorial and translation services. In delivering such services, Chigusa goes beyond what is required – from delivering quality translations to researching an arcane term to integrating last-minute requests from the client. She exceeds not only our expectations but those of our clients. Beyond all this, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Copy Editor of a multinational publishing company

“Ms. Suzuki accepts and absorbs feedback seamlessly, and she demonstrates an exceptional ability to intuit the needs of her clients and incorporate that understanding into her work.”

– Associate Director of a U.S. research firm

“Ms. Suzuki saved our deal when the difference between our business partner and our company became so apparent that we almost walked out of a meeting. She was firm and patient, and skillfully filled in the cultural gap between the Japanese and American businesses. We owe our success in the U.S. market to her.”

– CEO of a Japanese publishing company


Most Valuable Translator Award given to Chigusa Suzuki

WIP Japan Corporation, the leading language-service provider in Japan, honored Chigusa Suzuki with its “MVT of 2003: Translator of the Year” award. The annual award recognizes the translator who has received the highest accolades from clients during the year.

That you are truly a dedicated and skilled individual is made apparent in the naturalness of your translations, your understanding of meaningful nuance, and the praise your work earns from clients.
– Yoshio Fukushima, Managing Director, WIP Japan Corp.