About Us

ILC International is a language-service provider based in New York and California. With a thorough knowledge of both Japanese and English, as well as an extensive understanding of Japanese and American business practices, ILC International provides reliable translation, interpretation, writing, editing, research and coordination services to companies based in Japan, the United States and beyond.

ILC International was founded in 2002 by Chigusa Suzuki, an award-winning translator and published author. With a network of collaborating translators and writers, we offer a wide variety of services.

About Chigusa Suzuki

Chigusa Suzuki has been a writer, editor, translator, interpreter and researcher for Japanese- and English-language clients since 1991.

  • Bilingual (Japanese and English)

  • Published author and translator; Most Valuable Translator of the Year award, 2003

  • More than 20 years editorial experience in Japanese and American print and online media

  • More than 15 years experience in business, marketing and technical translation

  • Practical knowledge on Japanese and American business environments

Photo of Chigusa SuzukiFreelancing since 2001, Chigusa has provided reliable editing, writing, translation, interpretation and research services to a wide variety of clients. While serving numerous business clients, she has avidly published her own books as well. Her special skills include a thorough knowledge of Japanese and English, an extensive understanding of Japanese and American business practices and terminology, and the ability to engage readers with her writing. She also has years of experience translating into conversational and business English.

Prior to establishing ILC International, Chigusa served as Managing Editor of She.TV, a content website associated with a cable channel for women in Japan, as well as Editor of US FrontLine, a Japanese magazine popular among Japanese nationals in the U.S. Both companies were based in New York City.

While in Tokyo, Chigusa worked as a writer and editor for Nikkei Anthropos and Nikkei Woman magazines. During her six-year tenure she covered a variety of business topics, including career development, entrepreneurship, business trends, technology, marketing and lifestyles.

Chigusa was born and educated in Japan. She earned a B.A. in English with an emphasis on American Studies from Sophia University in Tokyo. Since 1998, she has lived in New York and California.

About the Calligraphy

Calligraphy by Honda Soufu

The calligraphic art reproduced here was a gift from the Japanese artist Honda Soufu, created as a thank-you for services received from ILC International. The character “Den” means “to convey.” It shows a person (left side) delivering a sack full of important things (right top) by hand (right bottom). The character was chosen by Ms. Honda to represent the essence of our service as “the conveyor of important messages.”

Cover Photo of Chigusa Suzuki's Published Book

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Director's Magazine featureing Chigusa Suzuki

Chigusa Suzuki was featured in the Freelance Style section of the Director’s Magazine. Read more about her work.