Published Books

Chigusa Suzuki has published books of original writing and full-length translation, while contributing to many other books as a writer, editor and translator.

Original Writing

Cover Photo of Chigusa Suzuki's Published BookKiller Presentation: 77 Foolproof Steps to Get Your Point Across

Detailed Guide for Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations
What sets Killer Presentation apart from other books? It explains a presentation technique that relies less on slides or visual aids than on carefully scripted words, proven public-speaking techniques and the development of a leadership attitude. The basic message of the book is this: The presenter is the presentation. Killer Presentation reveals an approach to developing and delivering presentations that is completely different from the tired old method that is so often used in Japan. (September 2008)
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Cover Photo of Chigusa Suzuki's Published BookWalking on Streets of NYC

“Street Views” that Put You in the Scenes of Big Apple
Walking on Streets of NYC is a photo book as well as a travel guide for New York City. Created in collaboration with Satoru Ishikawa, a photo journalist, the book is filled with “street views” that put you right into scenes of the Big Apple. You will have intimate encounters with interesting people, colorful storefronts and the city’s vibrant traffic, and you will get plenty of detailed information on shops, restaurants, attractions and activities, just as if you were walking the streets of New York. From downtown to uptown, from Central Park to Brooklyn, you will experience New York as a real place filled with real people. (January 2006)
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Cover Photo of Chigusa Suzuki's Published BookHow to Counterattack in English

Colloquial English Phrases for Japanese Speakers
Ever searched in vain for the right English phrase to respond to an argument? Ever found yourself left out of a conversation as you tried desperately to remember the English words you needed to express your thoughts? This book offers hundreds of colloquial responses that native-Japanese speakers can employ to make themselves understood in an English-speaking country. The selected phrases are easy to pronounce, short enough to remember and chosen specifically to help you make your point in restaurants, airports, hotels, etc. Informative, useful and lots of fun. (September 2003)
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Full-length Translation

The OCover Photo of Chigusa Suzuki's Published Bookne Minute Entrepreneur

The Secret to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business
Today, in the midst of the largest entrepreneurial surge in history, four out of five small businesses still fail. In The One Minute Entrepreneur, mega-bestselling author Ken Blanchard and celebrated business leaders Don Hutson and Ethan Willis present an inspiring story that reveals the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Through a powerful and engaging narrative, the book offers businesspeople and would-be entrepreneurs a treasure trove of wisdom on how to think, act and succeed in creating and sustaining a business in any sector. (December 2008)
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Cover Photo of Chigusa Suzuki's Published BookThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Bestselling Inspirational Book of Oriental and Western Philosophy
Julian Mantle is a superstar litigation lawyer. Yet the more successful his career becomes, the more empty his life seems to be. Hoping to find an answer to his dilemma, Julian sells his Ferrari, mansion and private jet and embarks upon an odyssey to the most secluded region of the Himalayas. He stumbles on a mysterious village where astonishingly youthful 100-year-old monks live happily without cares or stress. Julian starts living with them, and eventually he brings their priceless philosophy to the Western world. An inspirational story of ageless wisdom. (February 2004)
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Director's Magazine featureing Chigusa Suzuki

Chigusa Suzuki was featured in the Freelance Style section of the Director’s Magazine. Read more about her work.

Most Valuable Translator Award given to Chigusa Suzuki

WIP Japan Corporation, the leading language-service provider in Japan, honored Chigusa Suzuki with its “MVT of 2003: Translator of the Year” award. The annual award recognizes the translator who has received the highest accolades from clients during the year.

That you are truly a dedicated and skilled individual is made apparent in the naturalness of your translations, your understanding of meaningful nuance, and the praise your work earns from clients.
– Yoshio Fukushima, Managing Director, WIP Japan Corp.